Insights from best practices and real-life experience

“Bo helped us reach 99th percentile for our emergency department…
He was fun, non-threatening and easy to work with”

“Bo did a great job speaking at our retreat. His insights on how to achieve
higher levels of performance were solid.”

“We could all tell he had spent time in the trenches.” 


For leaders

  • Process Improvement is for Everyone

  • Key Leadership Lessons from Baldrige Winners

  • Practical Ways to Work with Physicians for Mutual Gain

  • Escaping the ‘Whirlwind’ to Finally Get Some Traction

For boards

  • Proven Ways that Boards Create High-performing Organizations

  • Key Governance Lessons from the Baldrige Winners

  • A Productive Approach to Overcoming Trustee Frustrations

Or content tailored to your needs


Board planning retreats

Setting High AND Realistic Goals for Your CEO


Keepers: Insights for the Boardroom and C-Suite  [PDF]

Top Ten Practices of Exceptional Healthcare Organizations  [PDF]