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“Bo helped us reach 99th percentile for our emergency department…
He was fun, non-threatening and easy to work with”

“When Bo works on a strategic plan it gets used; it doesn’t sit on a shelf.”

  • Industry Best Practices: Making Strategic Planning Real—and Really Effective

  • Ten Baldrige Lessons on Strategic Planning in Healthcare

  • Beyond the Dusty Binder: How to Guarantee Your Strategic Plan Is Implemented

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Management / Board workshops 
  • How to Assess Your Strategic Plan and Planning Process

  • Building Trust and Accountability through the Strategic Planning Process


Preparation / Facilitation  
  • Planning retreats

  • Designing & implementing strategic planning processes

  • Board strategy retreats


Coaching for Strategy Execution 

Strategic Planning: 6 Truths  [PDF]

Top Ten Practices of Exceptional Healthcare Organizations  [PDF]